Vietnam Internet Forum will discuss Internet’s contribution to an open, sustainable and innovative society. Focus is on Internet accessibility and digital solutions for social impact under the theme #DigitalforGood. VIF19 is a platform for intersectoral discussion and interaction taking place on 20-21 March 2019 in Hanoi.

Welcome to the Vietnam Internet Forum! This year’s sessions range from how access to Internet and open data contribute to transparency and accessibility to how digital technology advances sustainable development.

Speakers and participants include government officials, civil society representatives, academia, business leaders, social entrepreneurs and investors. The evening reception offers a chance to immerse in discussion and networking with senior business leaders, policy makers and investors.

VIF19 is organised by the Embassy of Sweden in Vietnam, co-organizers and partners are Lund University Internet Institute (LUii), Vietnam Internet Association (VIA), UNDP and UNESCO.

We all hope to see you in Hanoi!


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